In this section you will find information about our company, its history, main departments, quality certificates and production process.



Secom is a company that was founded in 1989 with the strong conviction of bringing new values to each of the links that make up the lighting market chain.

The company focuses its activities on the design, manufacture and marketing of different types of luminaires and light sources, as well as the latest and innovative developments in LED technology.

After 29 years of experience, Secom has established itself as a leading company in the lighting sector at European level, thanks to the closeness it has with architects, engineers, distributors, installers and end customers, listening to and collecting each of their suggestions and incorporating them into our design chain, to create luminaires that adapt perfectly to each of their needs.

Currently Secom Iluminación sells his products in the five continents, generating between direct and indirect more than 500 jobs.


General presentation of the different departments…

SECOM, is a leading company in the lighting sector, which has commercial coverage throughout the national territory, thanks to its extensive commercial network, with more than 30 professionals to support all customers in the different commercial areas.

Outside our borders, Portugal and France were the first countries to establish commercial networks that currently extend to 35 countries around the world, achieving excellent market shares.

SECOM has opted for foreign markets from the outset, and currently exports to more than 35 countries: where Europe, the Middle East and South American markets stand out; in addition to reaching new potential markets such as Africa or Australia.

A fundamental part of Secom Illumination’s business strategy is the determination of its competitive priorities, which must be aligned with its vision of the future and represent its sustainability charters in the market. Quality is not optional and in Secom Illumination is the priority for the competitive organization.

Betting on quality is a philosophy that we aim to achieve through the balanced satisfaction of needs and expectations. Quality has been achieved in the same direction as the organization and in line with its objectives (profitability, growth and security).

In short, quality in the highest production processes generates advantages both in terms of reducing assembly times and optimizing resources, thus generating products of maximum confidence.

The level of demand in the market is very high and few brands can boast as Secom to have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

A project process requires an analysis of light conditions and characteristics in order to meet all requirements such as glare restriction, light color and color rendering; in addition, for qualitative planning, we need maximum information on the site to be illuminated, its use, users and architecture.

At SECOM, the project department takes care of this important task. This department also carries out consultancy services, studies and energy saving plans, thanks to a qualified staff specialized in lighting. We work with a lighting calculation software program capable of making a detailed study of a lighting installation from the characteristics of a certain area, and our technicians are specialized in all types of projects and branches of the sector such as street lighting, sports, ornamental, etc…

Our mission is to offer solutions and luminaires to create more comfortable outdoor environments with full respect for the environment. As a reference in manufacturing, we customize each luminaire for each project or tender, thus adapting ourselves totally to the lighting needs.

R & D.

Only by devoting sufficient resources can we increase the capacity for innovation, and in this field, marketing, new ideas, concepts, design, prototypes, industrialization and business processes interact.

At SECOM, we work on this, and the results are a guarantee of quality and design in all our products.

Over the last few years, SECOM has been making a constant effort in investment and innovation, with an increasing and sustainable number of R&D&I resources and a clear objective: to boost competitiveness through technological innovation with scrupulous respect for the environment.

The desire to invest in research, together with a qualified human team and enthusiastic and optimal technical means, give excellent results for SECOM, its customers and the company’s social environment.


In SECOM ILUMINACIÓN, S. L. We consider Management Systems and Internal Organization as a fundamental element in an increasingly competitive environment where customers continuously raise their demands for the products they require.

We aim to ensure the uniform quality of our products, which will comply with established standards and regulations to provide a safe and appropriate use, as well as minimize the environmental impact caused by our activity, ensuring customers full satisfaction of their requirements and / or specifications.

In order to guarantee the quality of our services and the correct environmental management of the company, an integrated system of quality and environmental management has been implemented in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001, IQNET Standards, documenting its activities so that all staff know their roles and responsibilities and can have easy access to consult any doubt in the work process.

The Quality and Environmental Policy of SECOM ILUMINACIÓN, S. L. is based on meeting and even exceeding your customers’ expectations.


Secom, in its headquarters of 16.900 m2 in Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain), joins all the productive processes, such as (aluminum injection, assembly of LEDs, laser cutting for PMMA, laser cutting for different alloys, assembly lines, tunnel painting, etc…) together with a large stock of components involved in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, in order to achieve great flexibility and an unbeatable delivery time.


Secom places great importance on reducing the time and storage costs of its distributors, so it takes care of its parcels in which it concentrates an attractive design, with easily stackable polyhedral lines and abundant technical information. It also tries to reduce the installation time in each of its luminaires, to facilitate and reduce the labor cost for the electrician installer. Finally, both for specifiers and the end customer, it pays special attention to the aesthetic design of the luminaire, the control of light and its efficiency.