ESDIUM TUNNEL HE Flood Lighting Street

Esdium Tunnel HE is an outdoor illumination system street, with LED technology. Ideal for tunel, because visual perceptions drivers are not reduced.

185w / 370w


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Esdium Tunnel HE LED.

Perfect orientation

Its unique and innovative design allows for perfect orientation, angle marker and individual swivel modules.

Esdium Tunnel HE LED.

High performance.

Esdium Tunnel LED is a luminaire with great performance that ensures drivers, at day and night, their visual perceptions are not reduced, causing the light level at the entrance or exit of the tunnel does not change excessively.

Esdium Tunnel LED.


High strength and resistance, made of cast aluminum, transparent methacrylate closure (PMMA).

Ecodut K1 LED.

Cumplimiento estricto de la normativa vigente

Secom Iluminación ofrece sistemas de regulación adecuados para cada instalación, consiguiendo ahorros adicionales en el consumo energético y facilitando la movilidad de los ciudadanos y vehículos en condiciones de confort y máxima seguridad sin renunciar a las prestaciones lumínicas

Esdium Tunnel LED.


High strength and resistance, made of cast aluminum, transparent methacrylate closure (PMMA).



Material: Module and bracket made of thermo painted injected aluminum.

Optics: LED modules include asymmetric 2 sides, aerial symmetric and asymmetric Counter-beam optics. Includes waterproof methacrylate (PMMA) with UV protection.

Supply: Driver with IP67 included for all models. Optionally supplied with 1- 10V dimmable driver (Ref.-DR), Dali dimmable driver (Ref.- DRD) or programmable dimmable driver (Ref.- DRPR) and Regulation at the heady (DRC).

Lamps: Module composed by OSRAM LED with a total power of 185w and 370w. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. CRI>70.

Lifespan: Estimated Average Life span 60.000 hours.

Protections: The pcb incorporates safety diodes to protect and to guarantee his perfect functioning.

Installation: Directly to wall or street furniture not (screws no included). Includes quick connector of 3 or 5 poles IP65.

Ambient temp.: -20ºC a 40ºC.

Colours: Luminaire in gray. It can be supplied in other RAL colours by request.


Esdium Tunnel HE M1

Ref. Colour Lumens W
3300 58 18 0 85 Grey 30233 185w
* Standardly supplied with 5000ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with asymmetric optic 2 sides 120º Lengthwise and 40º transversal.

Esdium Tunnel HE M2

Ref. Colour Lumens W
3300 58 37 0 85 Grey 60466 370w
* Standardly supplied with 5000ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with asymmetric optic 2 sides 120º Lengthwise and 40º transversal.

LED Options (Lumens)

LED OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>70/ Colour Temperature W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lumens 185w 28842 30233 30233
370w 57684 60466 60466

Drivers Options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1 – 10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. DRPR Programmable driver

Optics options

Ref. 6 Aerial asymmetric optic 140º lengthwise and 80º Cross
Ref. 7 Asymmetric optics 50º Counter-beam

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos Esdium Túnel M1

Peso 9,2 k
Ancho 165,05 mm
Largo 487,20 mm
Alto 150 mm

Technical Details Esdium tunnel M1

Weight 9,2 k
Width 165,05 mm
Length 487,20 mm
Height 150 mm

Detalles Técnicos Esdium Túnel M2

Peso 20,2 k
Ancho 258,55 mm
Largo 497,23 mm
Alto 383,07 mm

Technical Details Esdium tunnel M2

Weight 20,2 k
Width 258,55 mm
Length 497,23 mm
Height 383,07 mm

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Measurement Esdium Tunnel M1

Measurement Esdium Tunnel M2


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