ECODUT K2 Street Lighting

Ecodut K2 is an outdoor street illumination system, with a innovative design, with low light pollution to protect the quality of the night sky, E1 category.

30w / 50w / 100w / 150w / 200w




Ecodut K2 LED.

Easy installation

Easy installation without opening the fixture and without hardly maintenance due to its robustness, includes individual protection for each LED. Elegant design optimized to facilitate the evacuation of temperature and soil removal. Optionally NTC temperature control.

Ecodut K2 LED.

Renewed, classic and innovative

Ecodut K2 with a renewed, classic and innovative design is perfectly suited to the urban and street environment of the city providing the latest technology of the market thanks to Secom’s R&D.

Ecodut K2 LED.

Compatible with intelligent remote management systems

Compatible with intelligent remote management systems for lighting by radio or PLC, allowing control point to point and real time monitoring of each luminaire for total control, also available cheaper remote control systems including level monitoring dashboard.

Ecodut K2 LED.

Compliance with current regulations

In strict compliance with current regulations, Secom Lighting offers appropriate regulatory systems for each facility, getting additional savings in energy consumption and facilitating the mobility of citizens and vehicles in terms of comfort and maximum safety without compromising on lighting performance.

Ecodut K2 LED.


Incorporates the latest generation of semiconductor Osram Oslon SSL LED, which can be adapted perfectly to different photometric  needs of each installation. Low light pollution to protect the quality of the night sky, E1 category.



Material: Body made of injected aluminum, blasting and polyester thermo painted without TGIC. Outdoor resistance. Optionally it can be supplied with special paint resistant to marine environment.

Optics: 80º / 150º optics included in LED lamps. Available several asymmetric optics LEDIL brand (Finland).
Closure in methacrylate (PMMA) for good light path LEDS and UV resistance.

Supply: Driver included for all models, power factor> 0.95. It can be provided optionally with 1-10V dimmable driver, Dali dimmable driver, programmable dimmable driver with 5 levels without control line, double power level with no line of command, header regulation, regulation with motion sensor and driver to work with 12Vdc.

Lamps: Osram LEDs module composed by Oslon SSL with a total power of 30w, 50w, 70w, 100w, 150w y 200w. Available in Amber, 3000ºK, 4000ºK or 5700ºK. High purity aluminium PCB from 1,6 mm. lacquered in white colour with quick connectors.

Protections: Internal protection with individual diode for each LED. Standard Surge protector of 4KV driver. Available 10KV surge on request.

Lifespan: L80B10 100.000 hours.

Installation: To mount on column or crosier. Ø 60mm. (Other dimensions on request).
A quick connector of 3 or 5 poles, IP66, it allows the installation without opening the luminaire.

Amibent temp.: -20º C to 40° C. Optionally supplied with NTC temperature probe.

Colours: Gray colour similar to RAL 7012. Available in other RAL colours on request.


Ecodut K2 LED

3370 58 30 85 Grey 4536 30W
3370 58 50 85 Grey 6480 50W
3370 58 70 85 Grey 9072 70W
3370 58 10 85 Grey 14256 100W
3370 58 15 85 Grey 21384 150W
3370 58 20 85 Grey 28512 200W
* Standardly supplied with 5700ºK LED lamp.

LED Options (Lumens)

LED OPTIONS Ref. AMB Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>70/ Colour Temperature Amber 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 30w 2744 3780 4133 4536
Lum 50w 3920 5400 5904 6480
Lum 70w 5488 7560 8266 9072
Lum 100w 8232 11880 12989 14256
Lum 150w 12544 17820 19484 21384
Lum 200w 20384 23760 25978 28512

Drivers options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1 – 10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. DRPR Programmable driver
Ref. DRPNTC Prog. driver & NTC control
Ref. DN Double level dimmable
Ref. DRC Regulation at the head
Ref. DMR8 Motion detector
Ref. 4160 Driver for 12Vdc operation

Optics options

Ref. 3408 Symmetric optics 80º
Ref. 3407 Asymmetric optics 150º
Ref. 3407 3408 Asymmetric optics 80º
Ref. 3405 Asymmetric optics Street


Ref. IK10 Impact protection index
Ref. II Class II
Ref. AM Special marine environment paint
Ref. 3390 Surge protector 10 KV
Ref. 6033 Reducing adapter from 60 mm to 33 mm
Ref. 6048 Reducing adapter from 60 mm to 48 mm
Ref. 6076 Reducing adapter from 60 mm to 76 mm

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 12 k
Ancho 330 mm
Largo 630 mm
Alto 150 mm
Superficie expuesta al viento (horizontal) 0,08 m2
Superficie expuesta al viento (Vertical) 0,18 m2
Flujo en el hemisferio superior del total eficaz (FHS) E1 (<1)
Baja contaminación lumínica Si

Technical Details

Weight 12 k
Width 330 mm
Length 630 mm
Height 150 mm
Surface exposed to wind (horizontal) 0,08 m2
Surface exposed to wind (vertical) 0,18 m2
Upper hemisphere flow from total effective flow (FHS) E1 (<1%)
Short light pollution Yes

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

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Ecodut K1 LED - Symmetric optical 150º

Ecodut K1 LED - Ref. 3408 - Symmetric optical 80º

Ecodut K1 LED - Ref. 3407 - Asymmetric optical 150º

Ecodut K1 LED - Ref. 3408 / 3407 - Asymmetric optical 80º

Ecodut K1 LED - Ref. 3405 - Asymmetric optical street


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