PROTEK Q2 Horticulture Flood Light

Protek Q2 Horticulture is an industrial flood light, with LED technology, special for horticulture.

100w / 200w

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Boxter LED superficie.

Línea minimalista

De línea minimalista genera una armonía elegante en cualquier superficie. Resultado de conjugar diseño, investigación, innovación, eficiencia y funcionalidad capaz de satisfacer un amplio abanico de necesidades en el campo de proyección e iluminación comercial y arquitectónica.

Protek Q2 Horticulture.

Crop production.

New technologies provide the necessary radiation for the development of plantations, increasing productivity and product quality.

Protek Q2 Horticulture.

Beneficial properties.

Through light, we can help to alter the properties in its molecular composition to enhance the health contribution to a given disease. Thus, we could talk about plant species adapted to a specific pharmacological use.

Protek Q2 Horticulture.

High quality.

Our horticultural systems include all these light spectra, combining a perfect combination of color for each type of plant depending on the purpose of growth and flowering that is desired or needed.

DIDRO PLUS LED superficie.

Galeria de fotos

DIDRO PLUS está fabricado con inyección de aluminio, diseñada para una disipación de calor perfecta.


PROTECTION DEGREE IP65 / Impact Protection: IK08

Material: Outdoor flood light made of thermo painted injected aluminium and waterproof protective polymer with UV protection.

Optics: Optic 120° included in the LED lamps.

Supply: Driver included for all models. Dimmable driver 1-10V (DR), dimmable driver Dali (DRD).

Lamps: Module composed of special Osram LEDs for Horticulture with a power of 100W and 200W, maintains a wavelength selected specifically to take advantage of the entire light spectrum that plants need, with the aim of maximizing the growth, flowering
and germination of plants. The tone of the light is pink.

Installation: Directly to wall or furniture (screws not included).

Colours: Gray.


Protek Q2 Horticulture LED 100w

Ref. Color micromoles/s W
4330 58 10 HTC Gray 200 100w
4330 58 10 HTCW Gray 100 100w

Protek Q2 Horticulture LED 200w

Ref. Colour micromoles/s W
4330 58 20 HTC Gray 400 200w
4330 58 20 HTCW Gray 200 200w

Opciones LED (Lúmenes)

OPCIONES LED   Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Temp. de color W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5000ºK
Lúmenes Osram Oslon SSL 13w 1470 1522 1575
26w 2940 3045 3150
31w 3920 4060 4200
2x13w 2940 3044 3150
2x26w 5880 6090 6300
2x31w 7840 8120 8400
3x13w 4410 4566 4725
3x26w 8820 9135 9450
3x31w 11760 12180 12600
4x13w 5880 6088 6300
4x26w 11760 12180 12600
4x31w 15680 16240 16800

Driver options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1-10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. DRPR Programmable driver

Optical options

Ref. 4131 Cierre opal


Ref. IK10 Impact protection index

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Technical details Protek Q2 Horticulture

Weight 7,1 k
Width 45 mm
Lenght 348 mm
Height 384 mm

Technical Details Boxter surface

Weight 1,5 k
Diameter 158 mm
Height 86 mm

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Measurement Protek Q2 Horticulture


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