LARNIK RGBW Outdoor Flood Light

Larnik RGBW is an outdoor flood light, with the latest LED technology, aimed at illuminating facades in different shades of colour.

25w / 50w / 80w

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Larnik RGBW LED.

Architectural lighting.

Larnik LED is a luminaire designed for architectural lighting. With a linear design, it integrates perfectly in the areas to be illuminated, without distorting the aesthetics of the facades.

Larnik RGBW LED.

Design and lighting.

Its design is especially aimed at exterior lighting, buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, historic buildings, etc., giving them presence and prominence. Larnik LED provides the ideal means to illuminate the exterior surfaces in a spectacular way.

Larnik RGBW LED.

Easy installation.

Its design is prepared for a simple and safe installation, achieving a degree of watertightness of IP65 and a degree of IK10, and complies with all current regulations.

Larnik RGBW LED.


A robust luminaire, almost maintenance-free thanks to its quality of materials used and to its latest Osram Oslon SSL technology that guarantees a great durability over time.


Protection degree IP67. Impact protection IK08/10.

Material: Body made of thermo painted extruded aluminum.

Optics: LED modules include 7º, 14º, 29º and 46º optics. Includes waterproof methacrylate (PMMA) with UV protection and silicone injection.

Supply: Watertight driver included for all models. Optionally supplied with Dali dimmable driver (Ref.- DRD).

Lamps: Module composed by Oslon SSL LED with a total power of 25w, 50w, /80w. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. CRI>80.

Life span: Estimated Average Life span 60.000 hours.

Protections:  The pcb incorporates safety diodes to protect and to guarantee his perfect functioning.

Installation: Directly to wall or street furniture not (screw not included). Includes quick connector of 3 or 5 poles IP66.

Ambient temp.: -20ºC a 45ºC.

Colours: Luminaire in gray. Opal diffuser closure. It can be supplied in other RAL colours by request.


Larnik outdoor LED surface RGBW for DMX

Ref. Colour Lumens Measure W
542 58 1 25 3 85 RGBW Grey 1678  500×50 25w
542 58 2 50 3 85 RGBW Grey 3356 1000×50 50w
542 58 3 80 3 85 RGBW Grey 5034 1.500×50 80w
* Standardly supplied with 5700ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with 46º optics.
* Control not included.

Opciones LED (Lúmenes)

OPCIONES LED Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Temp. de color W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lúmenes 12w 1404 1512 1512
25w 2808 3024 3024
40w 4212 4536 4536
50w 5616 6048 6048
80w 8424 9072 9072

Opciones Drivers

Ref. DRD Driver regulable DALI

Optical options

Ref. 0 Symmetric optics 7º
Ref. 1 Symmetric optics 14º
Ref. 2 Symmetric optics 29º


Ref. CL01 Connection cable with DMX power and communication 1.5 m.
Ref. CL15 Connection cable with DMX power and communication 15 m.
Ref. P1 Larnik glare shield / 500 mm.
Ref. P2 Larnik glare shield / 1.000 mm.
Ref. P3 Larnik glare shield / 1.500 mm.
Ref. 4500 RGBW Controlle, wall recessed by DMX

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos Larnik RGBW 500x50

Peso ? k
Ancho 50 mm
Largo 500 mm
Alto 160 mm

Detalles Técnicos Larnik RGBW 1000x50

Peso ? k
Ancho 50 mm
Largo 1000 mm
Alto 160 mm

Detalles Técnicos Larnik RGBW 1500x50

Peso ? k
Ancho 50 mm
Largo 1500 mm
Alto 160 mm

Technical Details Larnik RGBW 500x50

Weight ¿? k
Width 50 mm
Length 500 mm
Height 160 mm

Technical Details Larnik RGBW 1000x50

Weight ¿? k
Width 50 mm
Length 1000 mm
Height 160 mm

Technical Details Larnik RGBW 1500x50

Weight ¿? k
Width 50 mm
Length 1500 mm
Height 160 mm

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