FLOPRO RGBW is a recessed exterior lighting system, equipped with LED technology, being ideal for installation on floors or walls in outdoor.



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Flopro Z3 RGBW.

Quality and durability

FLOPRO LED is a luminaire perfectly designed for installation on the floor or wall, combining high quality materials in order to ensure durability over time.

Flopro Z3.

Calidad y durabilidad.

FLOPRO LED es una luminaria perfectamente diseñada para instalación en suelo o pared, conjugando materiales de altísima calidad con el objetivo de garantizar su durabilidad en el tiempo.

Flopro Z3.

Rendimiento lumínico.

De gran rendimiento lumínico y dotado de la más avanzada tecnología LED, Duris E5 de Osram para el Z1 y Oslon SSL de Osram para el Z2 y Z3, armonizando distintas tonalidades 3000ºK – 4000ºK – 5000ºK – 5700ºK.

Flopro Z3 RGBW.

Easy installation.

Its design is made for easy and safe installation through an auxiliary installation box, reaching IP67 and IK10 in addition to complying with all regulations.

Flopro Z3 RGBW.


FLOPRO LED is made of aluminum injection, high-strength tempered glass that allows 5000kg weight and closure in AISI 316 stainless steel.



Material: Finished in stainless steel 316. Body of the luminaire made in injected aluminium. It has an auxiliary box for recessed in building site. It includes a protection tempered glass which have 5000kg resistance.

Optics: Integrated in the lamps, with opening angle of 48º or 11º.

Alimentation: All models include high power factor drivers.

Supply: LEDs Osram SSL.

Installation: Floor installation by auxiliary box recessed in concrete work. Not used directly on the ground or grass. Leave room for drainage.

Colours: Stainless steel.


Flopro Z3 RGBW

REF. COLOUR LAMP. Controlled W
S6150 00 30 85 RGBW Stainless steel LED For controller / 4500 55w
* Standardly supplied with maximun opening angle (11º / 48º) lamp.

Optics Options

Ref. 11 Opening angle 11º

Optics Accesories

Ref. 4500 DMX wall mount controller

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Detalles Técnicos Circular

Peso 7,6 k
Diámetro 300 mm
Alto 178 mm

Technical Details circular

Weight 7,6 k
Diameter 300 mm
Height 178 mm

Measurements Flopro Z3 circular