AIRCOM SUPRA PLUS Indoor Downlight Ligthting

Aircom Supra Plus is a downlight ilumination system, with LED technology, for cellings higher than 3,5 meters.



Aircom Supra Plus LED.

Recessing systems.

Available in different color temperatures, and the possibility to incorporate dimmable drivers.

Disponible en diferentes temperaturas de color y la incorporación de drivers regulables.

Aircom Supra Plus LED.

High- performance.

Made of cast aluminum and mounted with LEDs Osram Oslon SLL, with an opening degree of 80° and transparent closure.

Aircom Supra Plus LED.




Material: Bodies mad of aluminium with thermo paint coating.

Optics: Innovative PMMA optic which provides uniform illumination over the whole surface with a minimum thickness of the luminaire.

Supply: All models include high power factor drivers.

Lamps: Modules composed of LEDs Osram Oslon SSL with a total power of 65w.

Estimated life: Estimated life spam 100.000 hours.

Installation: For recessed ceiling, adaptable to all kind of modular ceilings and plaster.

Colours: White, black, gold, matt gold, chrome, matt chrome, matt nickel, nickel, titanium and satin.


Aircom Supra Plus LED 65w IP44

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4227 01 65 84 White 7020 65w
4227 02 65 84 Black 7020 65w
4227 03 65 84 Gold 7020 65w
4227 05 65 84 Chrome 7020 65w
4227 33 65 84 Matt gold 7020 65w
4227 52 65 84 Matt chrome 7020 65w
4227 55 65 84 Nickel 7020 65w
4227 57 65 84 Matt nickel 7020 65w
4227 80 65 84 Satin 7020 65w
4227 90 65 84 Titanium 7020 65w
* Se suministra de manera estándar con LED 4000º K.

LED Options (Lumens)

LED OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Colour temperature 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 60w 6780 7020 7020

Drivers options

Ref. DR Driver dimmable 1-10v
Ref. DRD Driver Dimmable Dali
Ref. DM8 Motion detector integrated in the luminaire
Ref. DRi Dimmable driver wireless
Ref. PCFTi Recessed presence and flow control with wireless regulation
Ref. CF23  Mini flux control Integrated in the luminaire
Ref. 3416 Emergency kit
Ref. 4160 Driver to power 12 Vdc.
Ref. 4160 24 Driver to power 24 Vdc.

Accessories options

Ref. AM Special marine environment paint

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 1,7 k
Diámetro 213 mm
Alto 83 mm

Technicals Details

Weight 1,7 k
Diameter 213 mm
Height 83 mm

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