Vercor Outdoor Flood Lights

Potencias: 1w

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Protection degree IP68

Material: Stainless steel.

Optics: Optics incorporated in the lamps.

Supply: It can be optionally supplied with multiple power socket for groups until 10 units, as well as with emergency kit for 50 units with a 5 meters cable and 3 hours of autonomy.

Lamps: LED lamp with a 1 individual mini-projector in white, red or blue colour.

Instalación: Recessed for ground or wall.

Colores: Stainless steel



Ref. Lamp. LED W
1005 00 W LED White 1w
1005 00 R LED Red 1w
1005 00 B LED Blue 1w

Opciones LED (Lúmenes)

OPCIONES LED Ref. AMB Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>70/ Temp. de color Ámbar 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 25w 2352 3240 3543 3888
Lum 50w 4312 5940 6495 7128
Lum 75w 6272 8640 9447 10368

Opciones Drivers

Ref. DR Driver regulable 1-10v
Ref. DRD Driver regulable Dali
Ref. DRPR Driver programable
Ref. DRPNTC Driver programable y sonda Tª NTC
Ref. DN Regulación doble nivel
Ref. DRC Regulación en cabecera
Ref. DMR8 Regulación de movimiento
Ref. 4160 Driver para funcionamiento a 12Vdc.

Opciones Ópticas

Ref. 3408 Óptica simétrica 80º
Ref. 3407 Óptica asimétrica 150º
Ref. 3407 3408 Óptica asimétrica 80º
Ref. 3405 Óptica asimétrica Street


Ref. 3065 Power supply
Ref. 3064 Emergency Kit Vercor

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 1 k
Ancho 14 mm
Alto 40 mm

Technical Details

Weight 1 k
Width 19 mm
Height 40mm

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