Protek Q2 Industrial Flood Light

Protek Q2 is an industrial illumination system, with LED technology. It is ideal for industrial, commercial or vial spaces, among others.

60w / 100w / 150w /200w


Protek Q2 LED.

Innovative design.

Thanks to its elegant line and compact dimensions, it is perfectly integrated into any space in commercial applications, indoor, outdoor, sport facilities, and industrial and street, creating a harmonious whole.

Protek Q2 LED.


This projector has the perfect flexibility to fit any application surface, thanks to the homogeneity of light distribution and its high efficiency and ability to project different atmospheres, playing with different degrees of opening and symmetries,

Protek Q2 LED.

Strength and endurance.

High performance proyector thanks to the last generation semiconduc-tor Osram Oslon SSL. Made of cast aluminum 3 mm thick, it is provided with a closure IK 08 polycarbonate, high luminance luminous flux, making it a fixture of great strength and endurance.

Protek Q2 LED.



Material: Body made of injected aluminum, thermo painted.

Optics: Optic included in the LED lamps. Includes waterproof polycarbonate protection with UV protection.

Supply: Driver included for all models. Can be supplied with dimmable driver 1-10V (DR) and double level dimmable (DN)

Lamps: Module composed by Oslon SLL Osram LED with a total power of  61,6w, 100w, 150w and 200w. Standardly supplied with a temperature of 5700°k. It can be optionally supplied with temperatures of 3000°K and 4000°k. Colour rendering index superior than 80 (CRI> 80).

Life span: LB80B10 100.000 hours.

Installation: Directly to wall or street furniture not (screws no included).

Colours: White, black and grey.


Protek Q2 LED

Ref. Colour Lum. W
4330 01 60 85 White 8266 60w
4330 02 60 85 Black 8266 60w
4330 90 60 85 Titanium 8266 60w
4330 01 10 85 White 12399 100w
4330 02 10 85 Black 12399 100w
4330 90 10 85 Titanium 12399 100w
4330 01 15 85 White 19484 150w
4330 02 15 85 Black 19484 150w
4330 90 15 85 Titanium 19484 150w
4330 01 20 85 White 25978 200w
4330 02 20 85 Black 25978 200w
4330 90 20 85 Titanium 25978 200w
* Standardly supplied with 5000ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with 80º optics.

LED Options (Lumens)

 LED OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Colour temperature Ámbar 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
60w 5488 7056 7560 8266
100w 8232 10584 11340 12399
150w 12544 16632 17820 19484
200w 17248 22176 23760 25978

Drivers options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1-10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. DRP Programmable driver
Ref. 3407 LEDs with asymmetrical optics
Ref. 3409 LEDs with symmetric optics 48º
Ref. 3421 LEDs with symmetric optics 150º
Ref. AMB Amber LEDs
Ref. DM8 Motion detector Integrated in the luminaire

Opciones Ópticas

Ref. Color Lámpara Portalámpara W
3068R 01 35 Blanco CDM-R GX8.5 35w
3068R 02 35 Negro CDM-R GX8.5 35w
3068R 52 35 Cromo mate CDM-R GX8.5 35w
3068R 90 35 Titanio CDM-R GX8.5 35w
3068R 01 70 Blanco CDM-R GX8.5 70w
3068R 02 70 Negro CDM-R GX8.5 70w
3068R 52 70 Cromo mate CDM-R GX8.5 70w
3068R 90 70 Titanio CDM-R GX8.5 70w


Ref. AM Special marine environment paint

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 7,1 k
Ancho 45 mm
Largo 348 mm
Alto 384 mm
Superficie expuesta al viento (Vertical) 0,14 m2

Technicals details

Weight 7,1 k
Width 45 mm
Length 348 mm
Heigth 384 mm
Surface exposed to wind (vertical) 0,14 m2

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