PROTEK OPTICAL SECOM Industrial Food light

Protek Optical Secom, new led projector, designed to incorporate different optics for a multitude of applications.

18w / 25w / 35w


Protek Optical Secom.

Elegant design and small size

Protek HE Secom LED is a light fixture that due to its elegant lines and its small size, is perfectly integrated into any space, whether out-side or inside business applications, such as industrial and street lightings.


Diseño elegante y compacto.

Protek LED es una luminaria que gracias a su línea elegante y sus reducidas dimensiones, queda perfectamente integrada en cualquier espacio, tanto aplicaciones comerciales de interior o exterior, como industriales y viales.

Protek Optical Secom.

Robustness and resistance.

Made of injected aluminium 2.5mm thick, it is fitted with an IK10 polycarbonate closure, with a high luminous flux. All this confiere to the Protek LED a high robustness and resistance.

Protek LED.

Alta calidad.

Fabricado en aluminio inyectado de 2,5mm de espesor, está pro-visto de un cierre de policarbonato IK10, de alto paso lumínico. Todo esto confiere al Protek LED una alta robustez y resistencia.


Protection degree IP65. Impact protection IK08.

Material: Body made of injected aluminIum, thermo painted.

Optics: Optic included in the LED lamps. Includes waterproof polycarbonate protection with UV protection.

Supply: Driver included for all models.

Lamps: LEDs Module composed Osram with 18/25/35W power. Ra (CRI ) > 80 and available in three colour temperatures 3000ºK, 4000ºK and 5700ºK .

Life Span: Estimated Average Life span 50.000 hours.

Installation: Directly to wall or street furniture not (screws no included).

Colours: White, black and gray.


Protek Optical Secom LED 18w

Ref. Colour Lum. W
4127 01 18 85 White 2975 18w
4127 02 18 85 Black 2975 18w
4127 58 18 85 Gray 2975 18w
* Se suministra de manera estándar con lámpara 5700º K.

Protek Optical Secom LED 25w

Ref. Colour Lum. W
4127 01 25 85 White 4315 25w
4127 02 25 85 Black 4315 25w
4127 58 25 85 Gray 4315 25w
* Se suministra de manera estándar con lámpara 5700º K.

Protek Optical Secom LED 35w

Ref. Colour Lum. W
4127 01 35 85 White 5950 35w
4127 02 35 85 Black 5950 35w
4127 58 35 85 Gray 5950 35w
* Se suministra de manera estándar con lámpara 5700º K.

Options LED (Lumens)

OPTIONS LED   Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Colour Temperature W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lumens Osram 18w 2690 2975 2975
25w 3900 4315 4315
35w 5375 5950 5950

Optics options

Ref. AMB LED Amber
Ref. 3401 Intensive symmetric 30º
Ref. 3402 Medium symmetric 67º
Ref. 3403 Extensive symmetric 91º
Ref. 3405 Extensive asymmetric
Ref. 3406 Extensive symmetric 160º
Ref. 3407 Extensive longitudinal

Drivers options

Ref. DRF Dimmable driver edge phase
Ref. DR  Driver dimmable 1-10v
Ref. DRD Driver dimmable Dali
Ref. 4160 Driver for 12 Vdc. operation
Ref. 4160 24 Driver for 24Vdc. operation

Accesories options

Ref. IK10 Impact protection index
Ref. 4131 Opal diffuser
Ref. AM Special marine environment paint
Ref. MP Framework for recessed
Ref. ACL Special chlorine environment paint
Ref. DM8 Motion detector integrated
Ref. IGN Fireproof

Protek Arm

Ref. Color Medida
35 01 01 Blanco 500 mm.
35 01 02 Negro 500 mm.
35 01 58 Gris 500 mm.
35 02 01 Blanco 1.000 mm.
35 02 02 Negro 1.000 mm.
35 02 58 Gris 1.000 mm.
35 03 01 Blanco 1.500 mm.
35 03 02 Negro 1.500 mm.
35 03 58 Gris 1.500 mm.

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Technical Details

Peso 1,5 k
Ancho 46 mm
Largo 204 mm
Alto 225 mm

Technical Details

Weight 6 k
Width 46 mm
Length 204 mm
Height 225 mm

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