KUSTO N1 Industrial Flood Lights

Kusto N1 is an industrial flood light, with LED technology, and because of its verstalty is ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

70w / 100w / 150w

Kusto N1 LED.

Strength and reliability

Kusto N2 LED is a luminaire with an innovative design where the esthetic has been optimized for using like flood light, getting a high performance in strength and reliability.

Kusto LED.

Robustez y fiabilidad

Kusto led es una luminaria con un innovador diseño y una estética optimizada para su uso como proyector, que consigue altas prestaciones de robustez y fiabilidad.

Kusto N1 LED.


With a huge luminous efficiency because of its transparent poly-carbonate closing, the body made in aluminum injection and the quality of the electronic components.

Kusto LED.

Flexibilidad y adaptabilidad.

Esta luminaria tiene la flexibilidad suficiente para adaptarse a cualquier superficie a iluminar, con posibilidad de suministrarse en potencias de 40W, 100W, 150W, 200W y 250W; dos ángulos de apertura 80º y 150º y varios tipos de regulación que permiten un mayor ahorro de consumo.

Kusto N1 LED.


Includes protection LEDs ensuring that the remaining string of LEDs keep working if one LED does not. The programmable ver-sion it is supplied with NTC sensor to protect the luminaire against occasional overtemperatures.



Material: Body made of thermo painted injected aluminum.

Optics: LED lamps include 80° optics. Includes waterproof polycarbonate with UV protection.

Supply: Driver with IP67 included for all models. Optionally supplied with 1-10V dimmable driver (Ref.- DR), Dali dimmable driver (Ref.- DRD) or programmable dimmable driver (Ref.- DRPR) and emergency kit for LED with 1h or 3h autonomy (KE1-KE3).

Lamps: Module composed by Oslon SLL Osram LED with a total power of 70w, 100w y 150w. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. CRI>80. Includes protector LED to increase the reliability.

Vida útil: L80B10 100.000 horas.

Protections: The PCB board incorporates protector diodes to increase the reliability. The programmable version includes NTC sensor for protection against occasional overtemperture, reducing the working power or even turning off the luminaire.

Installation: Directly to wall or street furniture not (screws no included). One quick connector of 3 or 5 poles IP66 allows the installation without opening the luminaire.

Ambient temp.: -20ºC a 40ºC.

Colours: Luminaire in gray. Transparent diffuser closure.


Kusto N1 LED

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4291 58 70 85 Gray 8640 40w
4291 58 10 85 Gray 12150 100w
4291 58 15 85 Gray 18360 150w
* Se suministra de manera estándar con LED 5000ºK.
* Se suministra de manera estándar con óptica 80º.


OPTIONS LED Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Colour temp. 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 70 w 8064 8640 8640
Lum 100 w 11340 12150 12150
Lum 150 w 17136 18360 18360

Drivers Options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1-10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable Dali
Ref. DRPR Driver programable
KE1 Emergency Kit 1 hour of autonomy
KE3 Emergency Kit 3 hour of autonomy

Opciones Ópticas

Ref. 3407 LEDs with asymmetric optics
Ref. 3409 LEDs with symmetric optics 48º
Ref. 3421 LEDs with symmetric optics 150º
Ref. AMB LEDs Amber


Ref. IK10 Impact protection index
Ref. AM Special marine environment paint

Detalles Técnicos

Weight 7,5 k
Width 109 mm
Diameter 338 mm
Surface exposed to wind (vertical) 0,17 m2

Technical Details

Weight 10 k
Width 109 mm
Diameter 450 mm
Surface exposed to wind (vertical) 0,17 m2

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