KONAK N1 High Bays

Konak N1 is an industrial high bays lighting system, equipped with LED technology, ideal for industrial spaces, for its high light output.

70w / 100w / 150w

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Konak N1 LED.

Strength and Reliability

Small high bays, luminous efficiency with transparent Polycarbonate closure, aluminium injection body and high quality electronic components.

Konak N1 LED.

Includes protection LEDs

Includes protection LEDs ensuring that the remaining string of LEDs keep working if one LED does not.

Konak N1 LED.


This luminaire has the great flexibility to adapt to any surface, with the possibility of been supplied in different powers: 40W, 100W, 150w, 200W and 250w; two different opening angle, 80º and 150º and different types of regulation allowing greater power saving.

Konak N1 LED.

Programmable version

The programmable version it is supplied with NTC sensor to protect the luminaire against occasional overtemperatures.

Konak N1 LED.




Material: Body made of thermo painted injected aluminum.

Optics: LED lamps include 80° or 120º optics. Includes waterproof polycarbonate with UV protection.

Supply: Driver with IP67 included for all models. Optionally supplied with 1-10V dimmable driver (Ref.- DR), Dali dimmable driver (Ref.- DRD) or programmable dimmable driver (Ref.-DRPR) and emergency kit for LED with 1h or 3h autonomy (KE1-KE3).

Lamps: Module composed by Leds Osram Oslon SSL or Samsung for 70, 100 and 150w in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 5700K and Osram Oslon SSL for 200 and 250w in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. CRI>80.

Life span: L80B10 100.000 hours.

Protection: The PCB board incorporates protector diodes to increase the reliability. The programmable version includes NTC sensor for protection against occasional overtemperture, reducing the working power or even turning off the luminaire.

Installation: Directly hung up on ceiling by a suspension kit (Screw and suspension not included). Includes quick connector of 3 or 5 poles IP66.

Temperatura ambiente: -20ºC a 40ºC.

Colours: Luminaire in gray. Transparent diffuser closure.


Konak N1 LED symmetric optical 80º

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4290 58 70 85 Gray 8640 70w
4290 58 10 85 Gray 12150 100w
4290 58 15 85 Gray 18360 150w
* Standardly supplied with 5000ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with 80º optics.

Konak N1 LED symmetric optical 120º

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4289 58 70 85 Gray 10118 70w
4289 58 10 85 Gray 13689 100w
4289 58 15 85 Gray 20832 150w
* Standardly supplied with 5700ºK LED lamp.
* Standardly supplied with 120º optics.

Opciones LED (Lumens) symmetric optical 80º

OPTIONS   Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Temp. colour W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5000ºK
Lumens Osram Oslon SSL 70w 8064 8640 8640
100w 11340 12150 12150
150w 17136 18360 18360

Opciones LED (Lumes) symmetric optical 120º

OPTIONS   Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Temp. colour W 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lumens Samsung 70w 9547 10037 10118
100w 12916 13579 13689
150w 19656 20664 20832

Drivers Options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1 – 10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. DRP Programmable driver
Ref. PCFT16 Control flow sensor and presen. to 10 lum . DRD
Ref. DRi Dimmable driver wireless
Ref. PCFT16i Recessed presence and flow control with wireless regulation
Ref. KE1 Emergency Kit 1 hour of autonomy
Ref. KE3 Emergency Kit 3 hours of autonomy
Ref. DM8 Motion detector

Optics Options

Ref. 3409 Leds with optics 48º
Ref. 3421 Leds with optics óptica 150º


Ref. 4315 Opal diffuser

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