Aliket Waterproof IP65 LED, is a continuous line lighting system, the high efficiency of its light source is perfect for replacing waterproof fluorescent screens and industrial hoods.



Aliket Waterprooof LED.

The Aliket Waterproof display is the solution for linear lighting under all types of environmental conditions

It has an IP65 waterproof rating and is manufactured in PC (polycarbonate), a material that is resistant to water, dust and corrosion. It also offers optimum lighting results thanks to its system of connections between the luminaires, which guarantees homogeneous lighting along the entire length of the route. The prismatic finish of the luminaire reduces glare and with its 80º opening angle allows the height of the installation to be greater. 

Aliket Waterproof LED.

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The design of the Aliket Estanco is optimised for installation in a wide range of spaces such as: factories, warehouses, car parks, platforms, distribution and logistics centres, markets, etc.

The connection and power supply elements have been designed for quick and easy installation, allowing this luminaire to be placed on the surface or suspended by cable or rigid.



Material: Body made of extruded aluminium with oven-paint coating.

Optics: New prismatic optics.

Supply: All models include high power factor drivers.

Lamps: Modules composed of 50w Osram LEDs with 2835 Duris LEDs.

Life span: 50.000 h.

Installation: Surface / Suspension.

Colours: White.


Aliket Waterproof LED surface continuous line

Ref. Colour W Lum.
038 01 50 84 MP White 50w 7700
038 01 50 84 MI White 50w 7700
038 01 50 84 MF White 50w 7700
038 01 50 84 MC White 50w 7700
* Supplied as standard with LED 4000º K.

Options LED (Lumens)

OPTIONS LED Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Temp. de colour 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
50w 7400 7700 7960

Opciones Ópticas

Ref. 1 Transparente
Ref. 3 Asimétrica 2 lados
Ref. 3422 Asimétrica 1 lado
Ref. 3423 Intensiva
Ref. CRI90 CRI>90
Ref. LPF LEDs Pescado 4000K>CRI90
Ref. LPB LEDs Pan 3000K>CRI90
Ref. LCM LEDs Carne 2700KZ>CRI90
Ref. LW LEDs Verd. y fruta 4000K>CRI90

Opciones Drivers

Ref. DR Driver regulable 1-10v
Ref. DRD Driver regulable Dali
Ref. DM8 Detector de detector en luminaria
Ref. CF23 Mini contro de flujo integrado en  luminaria
Ref. KE1 Kit de emergencia 1 hora de autonomía
Ref. KE3 Kit de emergencia 3 hora de autonomía
Ref. LI20 (sólo suspensión) Luz indirecta 20w


Ref. 1407 Cable suspension kit 1500 mm .
Ref. 1408 Telescopic suspension kit 800/1400mm.

Technical Details Aliket Waterproof LED surface

Peso 1,6 k
Ancho 58 mm
Largo 1550 mm
Alto 55 mm

Detalles Técnicos Aliket Basic LED superficie

Peso 3,8 k
Ancho 52 mm
Largo 1437 mm
Alto 65 mm

Detalles Técnicos Aliket Basic LED empotrable

Peso 4 k
Ancho 101 mm
Largo 1483 mm
Alto 65 mm

Technical Details Alike Basic LED suspension

Weight 3,8 k
Width 52 mm
Length 1437 mm
Height 65 mm

Technical Details Alike Basic LED surface

Weight 3,8 k
Width 52 mm
Length 1437 mm
Height 65 mm

Technical Details Alike Basic LED recessed

Weight 4 k
Width 101 mm
Length 1483 mm
Height 65 mm

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Measures and Details Aliket Waterproof - surface and suspension

Details Aliket Waterproof surface

Details Aliket Waterproof suspension cable

Details Aliket Waterproof suspension telescopic

Details Aliket Waterproof suspension chain