KLOSS Waterproof Screen

Kloss is a lighting system waterproof screen, with LED technology. It is ideal for open spaces with need to lighting.

20w / 42w / 60w

Kloss LED.

Uniform light.

Light distribution is uniform with high performance and important safe energy.

Su distribución de luz es homogénea con un enorme rendimiento lumínico y un ahorro de energía considerable.

Kloss LED.

Design and quality.

It is made in polycarbonate.

Kloss LED.

Easy and fast installation.

It has fast conectors that make easier the installation.

Dispone de conectores rápidos que facilitan enormemente su instalación.

Kloss LED.




Material: Body made in polycarbonate.

Optics: Polycarbonate opal diffuser with UV protection that provides a homogeneous light over the entire surface.

Supply: All models include high power factor drivers. Optionally supplied with Dimmable 1-10V Driver, Dali Dimmable Driver, light control output /and LEDs emergency kit 1h or 3h.

Lamps: PCB Module with Osram LED Duris 2835 with a total power of 20W, 42W and 60w. CRI > 80 also available in 3000°K, 4000°K and 5700°K colour temperature.

Life span: 40.000 hours.

Installation: Directly to ceiling with 2 stainless steel clips. They should be fixed to Ceiling with screws (not supplied). Also available with anti -vandal mounting option. Includes 2 quick electrical connectors with 3 or 5 poles to avoid the opening of the luminaire.

Security Light: It offers the possibility of establishing a level of security lighting, with  a continuous output of 10%, added to the presence control and regulation of the luminous flux (CFPS). This system controls up to 25 ali Dimmable equipment (DRD).

Colours: Luminaire in grey. Opal diffuser.


Kloss LED waterproof - lineal connection - 2 electrical connectors.

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4100 58 20 84 Grey 2000 20w
4100 58 42 84 Grey 4000 42w
4100 58 60 84 Grey 6000 60w
* Standardly supplied with 4000º K LED lamp.

Kloss LED waterproof - separate connection - 1 electrical connector

Ref. Colour Lumens W
4110 58 20 84 Grey 2000 20w
4110 58 42 84 Grey 4000 42w
4110 58 60 84 Grey 6000 60w
* Standardly supplied with 4000º K LED lamp.

LED options (Lumens)

OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Colour temperature 3000ºK 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 20w 1900 2000 2100
Lum 42w 3800 4000 4200
Lum 60w 5700 6000 6300

Drivers options

Ref. DR Dimmable driver 1 – 10v
Ref. DRD Dimmable driver Dali
Ref. CFPS Flux control, sensor of light and presence and the possib. of 10% security lighting
Ref. DRi Dimmable driver wireless
Ref. PCFTi Recessed presence and flow control with wireless regulation
Ref. CN20 Connector for 20mm PVC tube
Ref. FA Anti vandal fixing
Ref. KE1 Emergency Kit 1 hour of autonomy
Ref. KE3 Emergency Kit 3 hours of autonomy
Ref. TPK Sealing cap for separate connection
Ref. DM8 Motion detector

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 1,7 k
Ancho 120 mm
Largo 1100 mm
Alto 75 mm

Technicals details

Weight 1,7 k
Width 120 mm
Length 1100 mm
Heigth 75 mm

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