BERNA Eco Waterproof Screen

Berna waterproof is an indoor illumination screen system, with LED technology, it is ideal for lighting up open spaces wich parking and similars.

20w / 42w / 60w


Berna Eco LED.

Waterproof screen IP65

Screen resistant to impact, water and dust. Available in three sizes 600, 1.200 and 1.500 mm.

Berna Eco LED.

Outdoor and indoor installation.

Ideal for installation in outdoor and underground car parks, corridors and storage rooms, industrial areas and warehouses, industrial kitchens, underground and underground stations, farms, indoor and outdoor in general.

Berna Eco LED.




Material: Body made in polycarbonate.

Optics: Prismatic diffuser made in polycarbonate.

Supply: All models include control gear and lamps.

Lamps: Power 20w, 42w and 60w. Standardly supplied with 5700ºk. Optionally supplied with 4000ºk or 5700ºk.

Life span: 50.000 hours.

Installation: Directly hung up on ceiling by a suspension kit.

Colours: Luminaire body made in grey. Diffuser matt for LED.


Berna Eco LED waterproof

Ref. Colour Measurement Lum. W
907 20 85 Grey 665x80x78 3047 20w
907 40 85 Grey 1270x80x78 6094 42w
907 60 85 Grey 1570x80x78 8802 60w
* Standardly supplied with 5700º K LED lamp.

LED Options (Lumens)

LED Options Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Colour temp. 4000ºK 5700ºK
Lum 20w 2894 3047
Lum 42w 5788 6094
Lum 60w 8631 8802

Detalles Técnicos Berna Eco LED estanca 20w

Peso ¿?
Ancho 100 mm
Largo 665 mm
Alto 105 mm

Technical Details Berna Eco LED 20w

Width 80 mm
Length 665 mm
Height 78 mm

Detalles Técnicos Berna Eco LED estanca 40w/60w

Peso ¿?
Ancho 100 mm
Largo 1270 mm
Alto 105 mm

Technical Details Berna Eco LED 42w

Width 80 mm
Length 1270 mm
Height 78 mm

Technical Details Berna Eco LED 60w

Width 80 mm
Length 1570 mm
Height 78 mm

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