Protek Track is an indoor lighting flood light, with LED technology, suitable for commercial applications both outdoors and indoors.

8w / 16w / 25w / 50w

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Protek Track LED.

Elegant design.

Protek LED is a light fixture that due to its elegant lines and its small size, is perfectly integrated into any space, whether out-side or inside business applications, such as
industrial and street lightings.

Protek LED Carril.


Este proyector tiene la flexibilidad suficiente para poder adaptarse a cualquier aplicación de superficie, gracias a la homogeneidad de distribución de luz y a la gran eficiencia que le confieren los semiconductores de última tecnología Osram Duris E5.

Protek LED Carril.

Alta calidad.

Fabricado en aluminio inyectado de 2,5mm de espesor, está pro-visto de un cierre de policarbonato IK10, de alto paso lumínico. Todo esto confiere al Protek LED una alta robustez y resistencia.

Protek track.


Made of die cast aluminum of 2.5mm thickness is provided with a IK10 polycarbonate closure allowing an optimum passage of light. All this gives to the Protek LED a high robustness and resistance.



Material: Body made of injected aluminIum, thermo painted.

Optics: Optic included in the LED lamps. Includes waterproof polycarbonate protection with UV protection.

Supply: Driver included for all models.

Lamps: Osram Leds Module composed Duris E5 with 8/16/25/50W power. Ra (CRI ) > 80 and available in three colour temperatures 3000ºK, 4000ºK and 5700ºK.

Life span: Estimated Average Life span 50.000 hours.

Installation: Directly on electrified track 220v.

Colores: White, black and titanio.


Protek Track

Ref. Colour Lamp. Lumens W
4128 01 08 85 White LED 1055 8w
4128 02 08 85 Black LED 1055 8w
4128 90 08 85 Titanium LED 1055 8w
4128 01 16 85 White LED 2110 16w
4128 02 16 85 Black LED 2110 16w
4128 90 16 85 Titanium LED 2110 16w
4128 01 25 85 White LED 3162 25w
4128 02 25 85 Black LED 3162 25w
4128 90 25 85 Titanium LED 3162 25w
4128 01 50 85 White LED 6332 50w
4128 02 50 85 Black LED 6332 50w
4128 90 50 85 Titanium LED 6332 50w
* Standardly supplied with 5700º K lamp.

LED Options (Lumens)

LED OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
Lumens Osram Duris E5 W 3000ºk 4000ºk 5700ºk
8w 969 1055 1055
16w 1939 2110 2110
25w 2909 3162 3162
50w 5818 6332 6332

Drivers options

Ref. DRDA8 Dimmable driver Dali and track adapter
Ref. DRDA16 Dimmable driver Dali and track adapter
Ref. DRDA26 Dimmable driver Dali and track adapter
Ref. DRDA50 Dimmable driver Dali and track adapter

Optics options

Ref. 4131  Opal diffuser


Ref. IK10 Índice de protección antivandálico
Ref. II Clase II
Ref. AM Pintura especial ambiente marino
Ref. 3390 Protector de sobretensión
Ref. 6033 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 33 mm.
Ref. 6048 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 48 mm.
Ref. 6076 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 76 mm.

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 1,6 k
Ancho 46 mm
Largo 204 mm
Alto 225 mm

Technical Details

Weight 1,6 k
Width 46 mm
Length 204 mm
Height 225 mm

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