BOXTER MINI TRACK Indoor Flood Light

Boxter Mini is an indoor flood light system lighting, equipped with LED technology, minimalist design is ideal for any type of space.

5w / 9w


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Boxter Mini LED Track.

Semiconductors latest technology.

It uses semiconductors Lumileds Luxeon M of latest technology, the best solution to get many different kind of atmospheres and specific light responses.

Boxter Mini LED Track.


This projector is composed of two pieces specially designed to adjust the light in a perfect way. Besides, it incorporates reflectors perfectly defined to optimize the application in projection, turning it into one of the luminaries of greater versatility in its range.

Ecodut K1 LED.

Cumplimiento estricto de la normativa vigente

Secom Iluminación ofrece sistemas de regulación adecuados para cada instalación, consiguiendo ahorros adicionales en el consumo energético y facilitando la movilidad de los ciudadanos y vehículos en condiciones de confort y máxima seguridad sin renunciar a las prestaciones lumínicas

Boxter Mini LED Track.


Boxter Mini LED has a smart and minimalist design with a small size that can completely adapt to any type of space, thanks to its installation system, either in surface, recessed or in rail.



Material: Injected aluminium and thermo painted steel.

Optics: Optics incorporated in the lamps with different open angles 12º/ 38º/54º.

Supply: All models include high power factor drivers.

Lamps: Osram LED modules composed Luxeon M Philips Lumiled with 9w power. Ra(CRI)>80 with option of >90 and available in three colour temperatures: 3000ºK, 4000ºK and 5000ºK.

Life span: Estimated average life span 50.000 hours.

Installation: Directly on electrified track 220v.

Colours: White, black, matt chrome and anthracite.


Boxter Mini track 5w

Ref. Colour Lum. W
5007 01 5 84 White 455 5w
5007 02 5 84 Black 455 5w
5007 52 5 84 Matt chrome 455 5w
5007 90 5 84 Titanium 455 5w
* Standardly supplied with maximun lamp opening angle (38º).
* Standardly supplied with 4000º K lamp.

Boxter Mini track 9w

Ref. Colour Lum. W
5007 01 9 84 White 905 9w
5007 02 9 84 Black 905 9w
5007 52 9 84 Matt chrome 905 9w
5007 90 9 84 Titanium 905 9w
* Standardly supplied with maximun lamp opening angle (38º).
* Standardly supplied with 4000º K lamp.

LED Options (Lumens)

Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Temp. de color W 3000ºk 4000ºk 5000ºk
Lumens 5w 400 455 455
9w 800 905 905

Drivers Options

Ref. DRF Dimmable driver edge phase

Optical Options

Ref. C54 Matt lock diffuser 54º opening angle
Ref. 12 Opening angle 12º
Ref. CRI 90 CRI>90


Ref. IK10 Índice de protección antivandálico
Ref. II Clase II
Ref. AM Pintura especial ambiente marino
Ref. 3390 Protector de sobretensión
Ref. 6033 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 33 mm.
Ref. 6048 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 48 mm.
Ref. 6076 Raco adaptador de 60 mm. a 76 mm.

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 0,6 k
Ancho 57 mm
Largo 80 mm
Alto 177 mm

Technical Details

Weight 0,6 k
Width 57 mm
Length 80 mm
Height 177 mm

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