Supra rectangular is an indoor downlight illumination system, with LED technology. It is ideal to install in commercial spaces.

40w / 60w


Supra Rectangular adjustable.

Robust and functional design.

Luminaire with a modern, robust and functional design, adjustable body for better orientation. It has been developed to replace rectangular recessed (HQI) luminaires, the 40W to replace 70W and 60W for 150W.

Supra Rectangular adjustable.

Quality manufacturing.

Made entirely of cast aluminum, optimizing heat dissipation which guarantees the constant  maintenance of its light level throughout its lifetime.

Ecodut K1 LED.

Cumplimiento estricto de la normativa vigente

Secom Iluminación ofrece sistemas de regulación adecuados para cada instalación, consiguiendo ahorros adicionales en el consumo energético y facilitando la movilidad de los ciudadanos y vehículos en condiciones de confort y máxima seguridad sin renunciar a las prestaciones lumínicas

Supra Rectangular adjustable.



Protection degree IP44.

Material: Luminaire made of aluminium with thermo paint coating.

Optics: Innovative PMMA optic which provides uniform illumination over the whole surface with a minimum thickness of the luminaire.

Supply: All models include high power factor drivers.

Lamps: Modules composed of LEDs Osram Oslon SSL with a total power of 40w and 60w.

Estimated life: Estimated life spam 100.000 hours.

Installation: For recessed ceiling, adaptable to all kind of modular ceilings and plaster.

Colores: White, black, matt chrome and titanium.


Supra rectangular adjustable 40w

Ref. Colour Lumens W
701 01 40 84 White 4680 40w
701 02 40 84 Black 4680 40w
701 52 40 84 Matt chrome 4680 40w
701 90 40 84 Titanium 4680 40w
* Standardly supplied with lamp 4000º K lamp.

Supra rectangular adjustable 60w

Ref. Colour Lumens W
701 01 60 84 White 6760 60w
701 02 60 84 Black 6760 60w
701 52 60 84 Matt chrome 6760 60w
701 90 60 84 Titanium 6760 60w
* Standardly supplied with lamp 4000º K lamp.

LED options (Lumens)

LED OPTIONS Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80 / Colour temperature 3000ºk 4000ºk 5700ºk
Lum 40w 4520 4680 4680
Lum 60w 6530 6760 6760

Drivers options

Ref. DR Driver dimmable 1-10V
Ref. DRD Driver dimmable Dali
Ref. DM8 Motion detector Integrated in the luminaire
Ref. 3416 Emergency kit

Optical options

Ref. CRI90 CRI>90 (Only for transparent closing)
Ref. CM Matt closing
Ref. LPF LEDs Fish – 4000K – CRI>90
Ref. LPB LEDs Bread – 3000K – CRI>90
Ref. LCM LEDs Meat – 2700K – CRI>90
Ref. LVV LEDs Veg. and fruit – 4000K – CRI>90
Ref. 817 Leds Wine Cellar 1700ºk


Ref. AM Special marine environment paint

Recomendaciones para la Instalación

Installation recommendations

Detalles Técnicos

Peso 2,5 k
Ancho 174 mm
Largo 244 mm
Alto 101,62 mm

Technical Details

Weight 2,5 k
Width 174 mm
Length 244 mm
Height 101,62 mm

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