ATEX908 luminaire explosive atmospheres

ATEX908 / Waterproof Screen/ 120º

16w /32w /40w


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ATEX908 luminaire explosive atmospheres.

Robustness and reliability.

Luminaires manufactured with high quality materials, giving them resistance and robustness. Reinforced aluminum structure and safety glass. Zone 2-22


Diseño elegante y compacto.

Protek LED es una luminaria que gracias a su línea elegante y sus reducidas dimensiones, queda perfectamente integrada en cualquier espacio, tanto aplicaciones comerciales de interior o exterior, como industriales y viales.

ATEX908 luminaire explosive atmospheres.

Luminaires with ATEX directive compliance.

Secom’s family of ATEX luminaires are designed to operate in areas with risk of explosion, complying with the ATEX directive 2014/34UE, which is applicable in the European Union.


ATEX category. Luminaire for explosive atmospheres.

GASES marking: II 3G Ex nR IIC T5 Gc              

DUST marking: II 3D Ex tc IIIC T100ºC Dc.


IP66 degree of protection. Vandal-proof protection index IK08.

Material: Body made of die-cast aluminum with baked-on paint coating.

Optics: LED optics included. Safety glass included.

Power supply: Driver included in all models.

Lamps: Modules with 16W/ 32W /40W wattage. Its Ra(CRI)>80 and available in 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K.

Service life: Estimated average life of 50,000 hours.

Installation: Surface mounted.

Colour: Gray.


ATEX908 16W

Ref. Colour Lum. W
ATEX908 1684 Gray 2670 16w
* Supplied as standard with 4000ªk lamp.

ATEX908 32W

Ref. Colour Lum. W
ATEX908 3284 Gray 5340 32w
* Supplied as standard with 4000ªk lamp.

ATEX908 40W

Ref. Colour Lum. W
ATEX908 4084 Gray 6700 40w
* Supplied as standard with 4000ªk lamp.



LED OPTIONS   Ref. 83 Ref. 84 Ref. 85
CRI>80/ Colour tem. W 300ºK 400 ºK 500 ºK
Lumens 16w 2560 2670 2670
32w 5120 5340 5340
40w 6310 6700 6700

Optical options

Ref. AMB Amber LED
Ref. 3401 Intensive symmetrical 30º.
Ref. 3402 Half symmetrical 67º.
Ref. 3403 Symmetrical extensive 91º
Ref. 3405 Extensive asymmetric
Ref. 3406 Symmetrical extensive 160º
Ref. 3407 Asymmetrical longitudinal

Options Drivers

Ref. DRF Adjustable phase-cut conductor
Ref. DR  Conductor regulable 1-10V
Ref. DRD Conductor regulable Dali
Ref. 4160 Controller for 12Vdc operation
Ref. 4160 24 Driver for 24Vdc operation

Options Accessories

Ref. IK10 Vandal-resistant protection rating
Ref. 4131 Opal Diffuser
Ref. AM Special Marine Environment Paint
Ref. MP Flush mount frame
Ref. ACL Special paint for chlorine environment
Ref. DM8 Integrated motion detector
Ref. IGN Fireproof

Installation Recommendations

Installation recommendations

Technical Details

Weight 1,5 k
Width 100 mm
Length 664 mm
Height 100 mm

Technical Details

Weight 3 k
Width 100 mm
Length 1274 mm
Height 1575 mm

Technical Details

Weight 3,5 k
Width 100 mm
Length 1575 mm
Height 110 mm

Technical Details

Weight 1,5 k
Width 100 mm
Length 664 mm
Height 110 mm

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